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Our VoD-stream and download catalogue is being constantly extended by further titles and versions. The cover-flow shows some recommendations, in the filmlist you find our complete catalogue, which can be filtered alphabetically. All films have English subtitles or versions, if not marked otherwise. (Click "buy film" to check versions and file size.) Most films by Christoph Schlingensief, Roland Klick, Heinz Emigholz and other Filmgalerie 451-productions are exclusives on this website.
Oskar Roehler Gentleman
Germany 1995|60 min.
Director: Oskar Roehler
American Psycho in Berlin - the debut of Oskar Roehler:Frank Seltsam goes for fast cars, beautiful women and expensive drugs. As recently things go down the drain, his frustration explodes in an orgy of blood, champagne and heroin ...No English subtitles available. For this film Filmgalerie 451 holds... further information
Thomas Arslan Brothers and Sisters
Brothers and Sisters
Germany 1997|84 min.
Director: Thomas Arslan
Cruising Kreuzberg - Slacking am Kotti!Thomas Arslan's GESCHWISTER, set in Kreuzberg, sketches the complex lives of three teenagers born to a German mother and Turkish father in this slice-of-life fiction-documentary. Every scene, every shot, every word of dialogie rinks true. Full credits, text and... further information
Frieder Schlaich Girls from Jenin
Girls from Jenin
2006|92 min.
Director: Frieder Schlaich
An insight into the day-to-day life of young girls in Palestine, during the second Intifada.Documentary about a video workshop with 16 girls (age 13-17) in Jenin/Palestine. The workshop was organised by the Goethe-Institut and the Jenin Municipality, and took place in July 2004. Duration: 14 days.German... further information
Isabelle Stever Gisela
Germany 2005|90 min.
Director: Isabelle Stever
After the extraordinary debut ERSTE EHE, the second feature of Isabelle SteverGeorg and Paul, two slightly aged slackers in an anonymous tower block estate celebrate booze feasts, boast their sexual accomplishments and get under the spell of married check-out girl Gisela ...Full credits, text and picture... further information
Peter Kern Haider is alive - April 1, 2021...
Haider is alive - April 1, 2021
2002|74 min.
Director: Peter Kern
If reality is already bad enough, satire has to be even worse!Vienna, 2021. Europe is devided in American sectors, Johnny Bush (the son of George Bush) is federal councelour in Austria. The German journalist August Maria Kaiser (August Diehl) comes to Vienna to do a feature on the missing Haider.Full... further information
Matt Porterfield Hamilton
2006|65 min.
Director: Matt Porterfield
HAMILTON chronicles two summer days in the life of a young family: Lena, 17, and Joe, 20, two recent and accidental parents residing in a diverse, suburban neighborhood in northeast Baltimore City. German subtitled version only. For this film Filmgalerie 451 holds only the VoD-rights for German speaking... further information
Peter Kern Hamlet - This is your Family
Hamlet - This is your Family
2002|80 min.
Director: Peter Kern
Schlingensief's Hamlet in ZurichIn his documentary with fictitious elements, Peter Kern shows how Christoph Schlingensief bans political parties in nazi-free Switzerland, stages Hamlet at Zurich playhouse and socially reintegrates Neo-nazis at the same time. Time is off the rails, there's something wrong... further information
Heinz Emigholz Hotel
1976|27 min.
Director: Heinz Emigholz
The title of the film is an hommage to Jack Smith's shows, such as ›Lucky Landlordism of Rented Paradise‹ for example, especially however to ›Horrror of the Rented World‹, his stage performance at Collective for Living Cinema in 1975. The wise insight of those times was the phrase - its proclamation... further information
Matt Porterfield
USA 2013|90 min.
Director: Matt Porterfield
A runaway seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore and finds their marriage ending and er cousin in crisis. In the days that follow, the family struggles to let go of the past while searching for new things to hold onto. German subtitled version only. For this film Filmgalerie 451 holds only... further information
Max Linz Asta Upset
Asta Upset
2014|84 min.
Director: Max Linz
A political manifesto in feature film format.»The film is set in a modern day ‘Berlin Republic’ liberated from all irrelevancies. It’s about artistic production, the creative industries and above all film and cinema.« (Berlinale 2014)Full credits, text and picture details at [filmgalerie451.de.intern]http://www.filmgalerie451.de/en/filme/ich-will-mich-nicht-kunstlich-aufregen/... further information
Hermine Huntgeburth Im Kreise der Lieben
Im Kreise der Lieben
Germany 1991|79 min.
Director: Hermine Huntgeburth
A three-generation marriage fraud - The debut feature of Hermine Huntgeburth.Black comedy about a lucrative trade. A grandmother (Ruth Hellberg), her daughter (Karin Baal) and her granddaughter live in a love-hate-symbiosis and run their work-sharing business. After having spotted the right candidates... further information
Thomas Arslan In the Shadows
In the Shadows
2010|82 min.
Director: Thomas Arslan
Trojan is a professional criminal who specializes in armed robbery. Released from prison, he picks up from where he left off before he was arrested. But now he has to begin again almost from scratch. Numerous obstacles get in the way of his pressing need for independence. He is almost broke and most... further information
Frieder Schlaich Interview with Andreas Dresen
Interview with Andreas Dresen
2007|45 min.
Director: Frieder Schlaich
Interview with Andreas Dresen about his debut feature STILLES LAND and his career.
Frieder Schlaich Interview with Dani Levy
Interview with Dani Levy
2007|25 min.
Director: Frieder Schlaich
Interview with Dani Levy about his debut DU MICH AUCH and his career.
Silke Botsch Interview with Hermine Huntgeburth...
Interview with Hermine Huntgeburth
2007|20 min.
Director: Silke Botsch
Interview with Hermine Huntgeburth about her debut IM KREISE DER LIEBEN and her career.
Interview with Michael Klier
Interview with Michael Klier
2011|20 min.
Recent interview with Michael Klier about his debut ÜBERALL IST ES BESSER WO WIR NICHT SIND and his career.
Frieder Schlaich Interview with Oskar Roehler
Interview with Oskar Roehler
2007|30 min.
Director: Frieder Schlaich
Interview with Oskar Roehler about his debut GENTLEMAN and his career.
Interview film Christoph Schlingensief...
Interview film Christoph Schlingensief
2004|77 min.
Feature length interview film with Christoph Schlingensief commenting on his filmic work, from the first 8mm film to FREAKSTARS 3000!

More information at [filmgalerie451.de.intern]http://www.filmgalerie451.de/en/filme/interviewfilm-christoph-schlingensief/
Roland Klick Jimmy Orpheus
Jimmy Orpheus
1966|52 min.
Director: Roland Klick
A dock worker must wander the streets of Hamburg after he is locked out of his shelter. In the poorer part of town, he encounters a young woman. He wants to begin an affair with her, but it is not meant to be.Detailed information and more short films by Roland Klick at [filmgalerie451.de.intern]http://www.filmgalerie451.de/en/filme/jimmy-orpheus/... further information
Bence Fliegauf Just the Wind
Just the Wind
Hungary 2011|98 min.
Director: Bence Fliegauf
News quickly spreads of the murder of a Romany family in a Hungarian village. The perpetrators have escaped and nobody claims to know who might have committed the crime. Another Romany family living close by tries to get through the day after the attack. By nightfall when darkness descends on the village... further information
Elke Hauck Karger
Germany 2007|88 min.
Director: Elke Hauck
He´s divorced from his childhood sweetheart, redundant after company downsizing, and his father has suffered a heart attack... 30-something Karger’s thus far pleasantly dull and predictable life has now reached a crisis point. This burly, easy-going individual, who has never left his native town,... further information
Sibylle Dahrendorf Crackle of Time
Crackle of Time
Germany 2012|106 min.
Director: Sibylle Dahrendorf
Christoph Schlingensief, the German film, theatre and opera director had a vision for an opera village in Africa. Despite cancer, he made trips to Burkina Faso, such was his devotion and conviction. "Crackle of Time" tells the story of the impossible project: To build an opera village in Burkina Faso,... further information
Tizza Covi
Rainer Frimmel
La Pivellina
La Pivellina
2009|105 min.
Director: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel
Abondoned in a park, the two-year-old girl Asia is found by Patti, a circus woman living with her husband Walter in a trailer park in San Basilio on the outskirts of Rome. With the help of Tairo, a teenager who lives with his grandma in an adjacent container, Patti starts to search for the girl's mother... further information
Heinz Emigholz Le Corbusier [|||||] Asger Jorn...
Le Corbusier [|||||] Asger Jorn [Relief]
Germany, Denmark 2015|
Director: Heinz Emigholz
Le Corbusier [IIIII] Asger Jorn [Relief] contrasts the Villa Savoye, built by Le Corbusier in 1931, and Asger Jorn’s Grand Relief, which the Danish painter and sculptor produced in 1959 for the Århus Statsgymnasium. The film makes connections between what does not belong together, at least not according... further information
Heinz Emigholz
Germany, Austria 2008|72 min.
Director: Heinz Emigholz
The film shows 27 still-existing buildings and interiors by Austrian architect Adolf Loos (1870-1933) in order of their construction. Adolf Loos was one of the pioneers of European Modernist architecture. His vehement turn against ornamentation on buildings triggered a controversy in architectural theory.The... further information
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