Bickels [Socialism]

Streetscapes – Chapter II / Photography and beyond – Part 25 / Architecture as Autobiography / Samuel Bickels (1909–1975).

22 buildings by the Kibbutz architect Samuel Bickels, filmed in Israel in 2015.
As prologue, the Casa do Povo in São Paulo, as appendix, The Story of Vio Nova.

Shooting on the film Bickels [Socialism] took place in Israel from 14 to 28 May 2015 and on 2 January 2016, and in São Paulo from 30 October to 1 November 2016.
“BICKELS [SOCIALISM] deals with sediments of the 20th century. Bickels buildings are the heart of an idea, an interaction, social and cultural. His architecture reflects a will to create a civilization.” (Galia Bar Or)

“BICKELS [SOCIALISM] is a very strong film, a kind of hygiene of the eye. Our gaze seems to change over the course of the film. We begin by observing the differences. Then we begin noting the similarities. Then we lose ourselves. Then we get tired of the repetition of things. Then we get used to this repetition and grow more sensitive to even subtle variations …” (Benjamin Seroussi, Casa do Povo)

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