The Animatograph: "Odin's Parsipark”

"The Animatograph is no artificial visual organ, no camera. It is a human visual organ. It is the spectator as he sees himself while leaving marks, resembling images leaving marks on our retina." Christoph Schlingensief

With his theater and art actions, as a filmmaker and opera director, Christoph Schlingensief (1960 – 2010) shaped cultural and political discourse in Germany over two decades. “The Animatograph” is a conglomeration of various media: cinema, theater, performance, installation, painting and opera.

“The Animatograph” is a revolving stage that Schlingensief frees from the confines of the theater in four editions; it is a space for projections, words, pictures and sounds that is accessible to the audience. “The Animatograph” is the culmination of Schlingensief's work. In it, he melds everyday life, politics and art in a living cycle – and sets them spinning.

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